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Name Natasha
Height 172 cm
Weight 58 Kgs
Age 24 Year
Languages English German.
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Bust C
Figure slim
Contact Number # 0049-1577 4 55555 3
WhatsApp Number # 0049-1577 4 55555 3
E-mail for Advance Booking.

Intimacy should never be 1 sided. It is most enjoyed when the passion is 2 sided . Natasha is an escort in Hamburg and knows what Hiring an escort means to a client. The number of clients who have enjoyed the company of this fine callgirl in Hamburg ,desire her in their next escort date. Natasha will connect with you the moment she enters your room and kisses you while letting her dress drop to the floor of your hotel room. Now you know you have chosen the best escort service in town . Our motto is customer satisfaction.

Contact Number # 0049-1577 4 55555 3
Whatsapp Number # 0049-1577 4 55555 3
E-mail For Advance Booking .

Alter des Inserenten: 24

• Ort Hamburg

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